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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions: -

- The following terms and conditions include important information about your restrictions, exceptions, rights and obligations, so you acknowledge when you use this portal/website that you have agreed and understood the legal obligation of these terms and conditions.

- If you do not agree to comply with any of the terms and conditions provided below or privacy policy, you should refrain from using this portal immediately.

- It is worth mentioning that there may be a change in the policy of privacy and the terms and conditions of our portal from time to time to coincide with the standards and needs, so we ask our decent user to visit these sections periodically to see the variables and challenges and therefore the variables and challenges will take effect on the date of modification and publication.

- Beside the special terms and conditions of this site, the terms and conditions of the insurance companies providing insurance services are applied to any purchase of insurance policies provided through this portal.

- It is better to read and understand the terms and conditions of insurance companies before purchasing through this portal,


- means us.

- Brokers and Brokerage Company: - Middle East Insurance Brokers LLC

Registered with the Emirates Insurance Authority (133)

- Policy /commodity / means insurance policy provided from this site.

- The provider/insured means insurance companies registered in the United Arab Emirates and which insurance charges are included in this portal.

- The customer/client/you/buyer/ user means the person or persons using this portal who need to buy insurance products.

- The geographical area means the United Arab Emirates.

Intellectual property rights:

means registered or not registered Copyrights, and always includes patents including rights (IPR), intellectual property rights means trademark registration, commercial names, patents, home signs, commercial appearances, Broadcast rights,, source code, moral rights, industry and planning circulars, presentation rights, sales rights, distribution rights, reproduction rights, communication rights, infringement rights, brief rights and others.

- Intellectual property rights in this portal are exclusively owned by either this site or brokers or insurance companies providing the service.

Accordingly, the user of this website acknowledges that it is not permissible to publish, display, copy, transfer, translate, reproduce any intellectual property right without the written consent from the website management or insurance service provider (insurance companies) or broker (insurance brokers).

Services provided through this portal

- This portal/website acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the insurance companies that are the exclusive provider of insurance services.

- Customers can buy the best policy that is suitable for them.

- This site helps customers with taking the appropriate decision to compare the various insurance policies available in this region and to see the special terms and conditions of the insurance companies.

- This website/portal is an intermediary between the buyer and the insurance service providers and does not participate in final transactions between customers and insurance companies (insurance providers)

- Any decision or action taken by the buyer (customer) by using this site as they see fit is the responsibility of the buyer alone and therefore the site or the broker or insurance companies (insurance providers) will not be responsible for any purchase made by customers using this site. Some of the advertisements you see on this portal, such as networks/advertisements, advertising agencies may collect information about you and your activities via the Internet, through this site or other sites through Cookies, web signals and other technologies to provide advertisements tailored to suit your interest.

- Therefore, we do not have the possibility of accessing or controlling the information that these external entities may collect, practicing the information of these entities is not covered by these terms and conditions as well as privacy policy.

- It is worth mentioning that we will not deal or provide any services or products to any country or any of the countries punished by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates.

Safety and payment

- Anyone has the right to access the site and benefit from the products by either using the site as a guest or registering on the site.

- In case of registration on the site, you must create an account by registering and filling out the information specified in our registration form, and it is your own responsibility to keep your account password confidential, also you bear full responsibility for any and all activities that occur through your account and use the password for passage.

- You must immediately inform about any unauthorized use of your password, account or any other breach of will not be responsible for your failure to comply with this section or any losses that occur. Accordingly, you (the client) waive any claims against the site in case of any loss or damage incurred due to failure to comply with the terms and conditions.

- In the event that the customer gave and stated incorrect or incomplete information and the site had information and reasonable reasons to believe that this information is wrong and incorrect and incomplete, then the (the site) has the right to suspend the customer (user) account or cancel his account

Responsibilities and compensation: -

- Compensates the customer (user) and protects the damage to the entity owned by his companies, sellers, loyalty to their managers, employees and agents (referred to below as "dependent parties" against losses, liabilities and claims including legal fees and other expenses and interest Due to which is confirmed or incurred by the compensation parties that arise from or result from or in relation to the customer package (and customers) for these terms and conditions or any claims made by third parties.

- Infringement by the user (client) to any external entities including any right of intellectual property.

Restitution and refund

- This website does not guarantee any insurance coverage or any dispute between the customer and the insurance companies (insurance provider) and will not lead to any import, obligation, payment or discount by the insurance providers in the following cases:

- Whether or not it originates on site or classification engine.

- Refusal, cancellation or deactivation of the insurance coverage under a policy issued by the service provider (insurance companies) participating other than the portal (website) for any reason including fraud or unauthorized statement (naïve, negligent or fraudulent)

- Or non-disclosure by you customer or intended or other refunds and discounts which will be made only by the original payment and the service provider will not be required to assist in any such matter whatever the matter.



The electronic portal (website) is not responsible to the user (customer) for any damages or losses to which the customer (customer) is exposed directly or indirectly in the following cases:

* Error in insurance coverage or prices provided by insurance companies and the provision of information.

* Provide incorrect and incomplete information on this site.

* The inability of the client to use the website due to a malfunction or interruption.

* Loss of information to customers outside the reasonable control of the electronic portal and loss of customer data and other data including but not limited to site malfunction, power outages, viruses, theft of data from external parties, defects of programming and negligence on the part or any events outside our control .

If this provision was applied to any person (by a competent court) is deemed ineligible or illegal under the law that is relied upon, this provision will be overturned without affecting the remaining provisions of this law.

Invoking and resolving the dispute

These terms and conditions and their interpretation are subject to the laws of the UAE in the event of any dispute between the parties in relation to this site and the dispute is referred to the jurisdiction of the Dubai courts for consideration and judgment,

Accordingly, the Arabic version of the terms and conditions is the final and approved dispute resolution before the courts in the United Arab Emirates.

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